Access All Areas - London Design Week 2018

Meet Neisha Crosland in conversation with Fiona McCarthy at Turnell & Gigon
Date: Monday 5 March
Time: 3 - 4pm

Join surface pattern designer Neisha Crosland in conversation with writer Fiona McCarthy as she introduces the Garden collection in Turnell & Gigon's at Home showroom. Wallpaper is digitally printed on raffia-like grass cloths, canvases and papers given a lacquered look.

Special Guest : Neisha Crosland

Turnell & Gigon at Home
Ground Floor, North Dome
+44 (0) 20 7259 7280

Right Here, Right Now with Matthew Gomez

19 September 2017

Right Here, Right Now with Matthew Gomez

"There's a great value in being together," says the managing director of Turnell & Gigon".

Turnell & Gigon at Home - Autumn 2017

Turnell & Gigon at Home - Autumn 2017

Art Deco meets tribal chic, the latest collaboration between Turnell & Gigon, Tim Page and Soho Home. The ultimate entertainment room with bar, home cinema, dining and lounge area.

Floor to ceiling, starting with a Tim Page patterned rug, the room boasts an eclectic mix of fabrics, furniture, accessories and trims harmoniously brought together through colour.

A key note fabric is Clarence House's Ellington; a bold combination of forest green, peach and gold complemented with fabrics from Raoul Textiles, Schumacher, Charles Burger, Hill Brown, Veraseta, Allegra Hicks and Neisha Crosland.

With thanks to Chesney's A T Cronin and FR Textile Solutions

Access All Areas - Focus 2017

The Art of Passementerie
Sunday 17th September and Monday 18th September
2.30pm at Turnell & Gigon at Home

Matthew Gomez, Managing Director of Turnell & Gigon presents a film revealing the extraordinary art of passementerie, Watch skilled craftsmanship passed down through generations produce intricate tie-backs with poms and hand-knotted flowers as well as the incredible skill of cord making.

Right Here, Right Now with Matt Gomez

12 March 2017

Right Here, Right Now with Matt Gomez

"If you've got to decorate your house, there's nothing better than coming here and seeing how things are used." The managing director of Turnell & Gigon on its latest pop-up, in conjunction with Soho Home.

Pop Up Spring 2017

Pop Up Spring 2017

For the new Pop UP Turnell & Gigon collaborates with Soho Home, an interiors collection from Soho House & Co to create an inspirational living space, bedroom and bathroom using an eclectic mix of print, silk, semi sheer and velvet fabrics embellished with trimmings and set off with carpet and rugs from Tim Page Carpets. To complete the look a wide selection of Soho Home pieces, including the Evelyn Four Poster Bed and Charles Armchair, and Cowshed products accessorise.

With special thanks to A T Cronin and George Smith

Access All Areas - Focus 2016

Access All Areas
Thursday 22nd September 2016
4.30pm Turnell & Gigon Showroom

Neisha Crosland will be signing copies of her new book Life of a Pattern

Neisha Crosland sees pattern everywhere. Her extraordinary eye seeks out symmetry, order and structure wherever she goes: in artefacts, building, paintings and, above all, in nature. This book is a tribute to that talent: a visual feast of pattern, colour, unexpected information and surprising personal stories. It is also an exploration of why pattern matters to every single one of us.

Bloomsbury Square by Gavin Houghton

Turnell & Gigon is delighted to announce Gavin Houghton designs their new Pop - Up showroom "Bloomsbury Square."

To be unveiled at Focus 2016

Please click on the T&G At Home for further information.

Masterpiece London 2016

Date: 30th June - 6th July 2016

The Lecture Hall

Turnell & Gigon's beautiful Elysee Silk Velvet in emerald green has been selected by Katharine Pooley as wall panels for her scheme of the Lecture hall which is inspired by Chatsworth House and the late Duchess of Devonshire's love of emerald green. The wall panels will be further embellished with butterflies by Susann Eschenfelder and will create an attention - grabbing and opulent backdrop.

The Lecture Hall is set to play host to an array of high-profile events and an eminent lecture programme for the duration of the fair.

Save the date: Focus 2016

Date: 18th - 23rd September 2016

Access Great Design - Focus/15

Turnell & Gigon at Home wins Focus/15's best showroom award

Please visit the link below:

Access All Areas - Focus 2015

Date: Monday 21st September 2015
Time: 11.00am to 11.30am
Venue: Turnell & Gigon Pop-up Showroom - Ground Floor North Dome
Title: Turnell & Gigon at Home

Managing director Matthew Gomez presents Turnell & Gigon at Home. As a supplier of some of the finest fabrics, wallpapers and trimmings from around the world for over 30 years, he will explore how designs from established names are never compromised. Rather than practicality or price, discover why the focus is on quality, composition and authenticity.

Access all areas - London Design Week

Date: Monday 9th March 2015
Time: 10.30 am
Venue: Turnell & Gigon Showroom
Title: Madeleine Castaing - Revealing Edmond Petit's wonderful archive of her fabrics and wallpapers with charlotte petit.

In the History of style Madeleine Castaing is as important as it gets. Charlotte Petit talks about her legacy and the wealth of the Madeleine Castaing archive which Edmond Petit continue to reproduce. Charlotte presents fabrics and a new wallpaper collection, all which illustrate Castaing's undeniable love of colour: rich colours in exotic combinations which evoke history and atmosphere.

Turnell & Gigon Staff Christmas Party at the Bluebird private dining.

Turnell & Gigon Staff Christmas Party at the Bluebird private dining.

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Access all Areas - Focus 2014

Access all Areas - Focus 2014
Date: Monday 22nd September
Time: 10.00 am
Venue: Turnell & Gigon showroom
Title: Toile de Jouy - History on a Fabric

Throughout Focus/14, participating showrooms are throwing open their doors to host a series of engaging talks and presentations, offering exclusive insights into the design world.

As part of Access all Areas Turnell & Gigon Invites:

Marc Porcher, owner of Charles Burger, founded in 1860, is one of France's foremost suppliers of original Toile de Jouy designs. His talk enlightens on the provenance of these charming pictorial designs from the 18th Century which continue to grace eminent houses around the world

Neisha Crosland gives a talk

2.00 pm on the 11th March 2014 at the Turnell & Gigon showroom

'Where It Starts'
Neisha Crosland presents an enlightening glimpse into her world of design. Discover more about how she starts with an initial idea, often inspired by nature or treasures from the past, her unusual colour combinations and her impeccable attention to detail.

Matthew Gomez, Managing Director of Turnell & Gigon receives the most inspiring showroom award - Focus/13

25th September 2013

Matthew Gomez, Managing Director of Turnell & Gigon receives the award presented by Rupert Thomas Editor of World of Interiors, for the most inspiring showroom.

Alessandra Branca gives an informal presentation of her collection exclusive to Schumacher at the Turnell & Gigon showroom

Turnell & Gigon proudly taking part in the Coronation Festival at Buckingham Palace

July 2013 will see Turnell & Gigon proudly taking part in the Coronation Festival at Buckingham Palace, which is being staged by the Royal Warrant Holders Association to celebrate 60 years since HM The Queen's coronation & to mark 60 years of industrial excellence during Her Majesty's reign. With an expected 60,000 visitors including The Royal Family, The Royal Household & foreign trade missions it will be a wonderfully unique opportunity to showcase our collections.

Neisha Crosland talks about her new Wallpaper Collection launched at London Design Week

The launch of the Nicky Haslam Collection held at the Turnell & Gigon showroom

10th October 2012

Party to celebrate the launch of the Nicky Haslam Collection held at the Turnell & Gigon showroom.

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