Clarence House
Celebrate 60 Years

Clarence House Celebrate 60 Years!

60th Anniversary Collection:

Since 1961, Clarence House has been the pinnacle of luxury and distinction in decorative interior fabrics. Robin Roberts, our founder, chose the name of the company because it exuded grandeur and implied a sense of heritage as he brought the American interior designer the finest fabrics from Europe. Twenty years later, Robin hired Kazumi Yoshida to develop exclusive Clarence House designs in order to further distinguish the company and expand his ideas. It was the beginning of Clarence House’s signature style, which is defined by Kazumi’s original artwork — the cornerstone of the iconic brand. 2021 marks our 60th anniversary and of course, we are celebrating in signature style. 

Our 60th Anniversary collection explores some of our founder’s favorite styles of interior textiles interpreted for the 21st Century interior. As we evolve into the next decade, our goal is to respect the legacy of the brand. In doing so, we’re bringing new collections to life, telling stories and inspiring interior designers to craft this century’s most coveted and intoxicating spaces.

Indoor/Outdoor Collection:

Indulge in the luxurious Indoor/Outdoor collections from Clarence House.

The new Indoor/Outdoor collections from Clarence House showcase remarkable prints, high-performance linens and trimmings, for designs as striking as their surroundings. Enhanced throughout the dyeing and finishing processes, these fabrics and trimmings are engineered to endure while promoting environmentally friendly practices. Embrace the indoors and outdoors with fabrics and trimmings created with versatility in mind. 

In three enchanting patterns, our new outdoor prints offer the security that comes with: 

•    High Lightfastness

•    Stain Resistance

•    Easy to Clean (with water & bleach)

Linen is a captivating, luxury fiber because it is matte yet lustrous, sleek yet textured and casual yet elegant. With the technological developments used in our new Outdoor Linens, significantly improved colorfastness and lightfastness allow one of our favorite fibers to be used in outdoor shaded areas, as well as indoors. Additionally, these linen fabrics and trimmings have the added benefit of being: 

•    Rot-proof and Antibacterial

•    Mold & Stain Resistant

•    Water & Oil Repellent 


Outdoor trim
Outdoor fabrics and trim