New from Clarence House

New from Clarence House - launching in 2021

Akasaka is an original handblock design created by Kazumi Yoshida. New elaborate

woodblock designs are rare. In this production method, each step of the technique

is completely hand crafted, from carving the individual blocks to printing the fabric.

Akasaka is inspired by the intertwinings of different cultures.

Arusha’s crewel landscape evokes the innocence of nature with playful linework

and color combinations. As Kazumi was perusing vintage Flair magazines, he

came across a photograph of pristine Africa. It was so inviting and romantic that

inspiration came naturally, capturing the essence of Kazumi’s imagination.

Blooming Jungle reflects the concept of Kazumi Yoshida’s 2019 gallery exhibition

of the same name, translating one of the paintings from the show into a printed

fabric. Invariably drawn to the beauty of the world around us, Kazumi created his

own jungle.

Blooming Jungle