New Nicky Haslam Designs

Launching in the UK in March, at London Design Week 2022 Three new designs, each in 10 colours to match the current Random Harvest Collection;

Pearl River- This design is adapted from a shirt I bought from TopMan over ten years ago. It had, and still has a watery, glazed finish, and somehow the pattern resembles silvery minnows swimming among oyster shells.

Waterberry -In Attenborough’s documentaries I’ve seen those feathery, flowerlike corals swaying in currents on the ocean floor, but which turn out to be strange underwater animals. On land, and still, they would look like Waterberry.

 And Twist & Shout -  I had my bedroom walls painted with falling twisted ribbon, and put plain curtains trimmed with a wide strip of antique ‘moire’ and floral cotton. “Twist & Shout” unites the two in  traditional yet contemporary romanticism.

Pearl River