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Tobias & the Angel and Fondazione Lisio join Turnell & Gigon


We are thrilled to welcome both of these wonderful companies to Turnell & Gigon, both bringing such different elements to our collections.

Based in Barnes, Tobias and the Angel produces eclectic and artisan section of a wide range of products, antique lamps, slippers and hand-made doll fairies, as well as offering an interior design service.
All designs are printed in England on natural un bleached slub linen, woven in Scotland, and featuring a variety of woodland creatures, crafted to give a typically English organic handblock feel.

Fondazione Arte della Seta Lisio is an exclusive collection of hand woven silks and silk velvets. The Foundation was instituted in 1971 by Fidalma Lisio, daughter of Giuseppe Lisio who in 1907 founded one of the best-known manufactories of hand-woven silk in Italy, with the task of preserving the old manufacturing techniques.

The Foundation conserves a collection of looms and one of antique fabrics and technical drawings. The collection of antique fabrics and technical drawings includes some 350 antique silk fabrics, most of which date between the 17th and 18th century, and the technical drawings of the old Lisio manufactory, used for weaving.

Velluto Romanico - FON-Romanico
Penny Partridge TA-PENNY-PARTRIDGE-4
Velluto Mercurio FON-Mercurio
Bird Chatter TA-BIRD-CHATTER-6
Fondazione Arte della Seta Lisio
Ethel Mustard - TA-ETHELS-4