Turnell & Gigon at Home - Spring 2018 Turnell & Gigon at Home - Spring 2018

Turnell & Gigon at Home presents a timeless elegant drawing room evocative of summer. Jean Monro's Willa, a large-scale hand blocked floral takes pride of place on a sofa, complemented by a second sofa covered in Raoul's Chunari in Celery. The scheme subtly builds pattern on pattern in fresh shades of blue, green, and taupe with a bold Nicky Haslam fabric providing a wonderful backdrop as walling. Natural flooring from Tim Page Carpets anchors the scheme and vintage furniture and accessories complete the look.

With Special thanks to Tim Page Carpets, AT Cronin, Altfield, David Seyfried, Lorfords, The Odd Chair Company, Vaughan and William Yeowood.
Turnell & Gigon at Home - Autumn 2017 Turnell & Gigon at Home - Autumn 2017

Art Deco meets tribal chic, the latest collaboration between Turnell & Gigon, Tim Page and Soho Home. The ultimate entertainment room with bar, home cinema, dining and lounge area.

Floor to ceiling, starting with a Tim Page patterned rug, the room boasts an eclectic mix of fabrics, furniture, accessories and trims harmoniously brought together through colour.

A key note fabric is Clarence House's Ellington; a bold combination of forest green, peach and gold complemented with fabrics from Raoul Textiles, Schumacher, Charles Burger, Hill Brown, Veraseta, Allegra Hicks and Neisha Crosland.

With thanks to Chesney's A T Cronin and FR Textile Solutions.
Pop Up Spring 2017 Pop Up Spring 2017

For the new Pop UP Turnell & Gigon collaborates with Soho Home, an interiors collection from Soho House & Co to create an inspirational living space, bedroom and bathroom using an eclectic mix of print, silk, semi sheer and velvet fabrics embellished with trimmings and set off with carpet and rugs from Tim Page Carpets. To complete the look a wide selection of Soho Home pieces, including the Evelyn Four Poster Bed and Charles Armchair, and Cowshed products accessorise.

With special thanks to A T Cronin and George Smith

Turnell & Gigon is delighted to announce Gavin Houghton designs their new Pop - Up showroom "Bloomsbury Square."

To be unveiled at Focus 2016

If you are looking for the 'international beige on beige', look away, for Gavin Houghton's English interior design craft reveals a passion for combining colour, pattern, texture, the artisan and all things decorative.

"My inspiration for the Turnell and Gigon Pop-Up started with the Jean Monro hand blocks. I've always loved the hand blocked florals, they have a boldness but with a soft edge. So to have the fun of mixing a lot of different prints together is my dream come true. This look reminds me very much of Charleston, the home of Vanessa Bell and Duncan Grant who were two key players in the Bloomsbury Group, hence calling the project Bloomsbury Square"
A pop-up showroom Pop up showroom unveiled at Focus 2015

A pop-up showroom showcasing the very best of Turnell & Gigon, Jean Monro and Tim Page Carpets is to be unveiled at Focus 2015.

The Turnell & Gigon Group will present a stunning drawing room using the finest fabrics, trimmings wallcoverings and carpets.

It will offer a truly inspirational experience from the moment you walk in, displaying the incredible diversity and inimitable style of Turnell & Gigon.

Many suppliers have generously contributed furniture, lighting, antiques, a fireplace and paintings assisting us to create such a unique showcase for all aspects of design.

We look forward to seeing you during Focus and presenting Turnell & Gigon at Home.